How To Rock Statement Jewelry And Not Look Overdone

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Take a tip or two from Seattle-based jewelry designer Shannon Koszyk.

Always find yourself admiring statement jewelry on others, but think there’s no way in hell you could ever pull off the look yourself? Girl, please! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And trust us, with a little help from Seattle-based jewelry designer Shannon Koszyk (who makes amazing vintage and flea market inspired statement pieces, BTW), you’ll be rocking the look like a pro. Here’s her 5 best tips:

1. Keep The Rest Of Your Outfit Simple

If you’re going to don statement jewelry, tone down your outfit and let your jewelry be the icing on the cake. Style your hair simple and don’t go crazy on the makeup. You want to make a statement, not a cry for help.

2. Be Conscious Of Size

Make sure your statement jewelry doesn’t overpower your frame. You should be wearing it, not letting it wear you.

3. Layer Away

Don’t own any statement pieces, but still want to channel the look?  You can always sport 5-10 pieces of simple jewelry to make the impact of one large one.

4. Wear Tiny Earrings 

If you’re planning on rocking a big statement necklace or layering several smaller ones, keep your earrings minimal.

5. Bling Out Your Middle Finger 

If you’re going to wear a cocktail ring, place it on your middle finger for balance. It’ll become the focal point of your hand, and really stand out.

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