How To Save Yourself From a Boring Party

how to not be boring
Written by Gary

Boring situations arise from hanging around boring people. Therefore, you will never be bored if you aren’t boring. Still, there is no denying that once in a while, you will be dragged to a boring event.

how to not be boring

As an Aries, boring situations are my kryptonite. Throw me in an event where all people are talking about is the pros and cons of social security and you will quickly lose me to the bar, where I will do my best to make friends with the people who are working the event. In fact, the easiest way to circumvent a boring situation is to refuse to be boring, yourself. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Find the drunkest person at have a few shots with them.

Go up to a cute stranger and pretend that you know them. If they react well, play it off as a coincidence and get to know them better. If they are assholes about it, refuse to accept that they don’t remember you, because you had a one-night stand. Then make a scene

Hang out at the bar- other people will be trying to escape there, too.

If you get into a conversation with someone who won’t shut up and go away, say something super inappropes. My favorite is to admit that I used to fuck my teddy bear. See the next tip:

Admit something personal about yourself to a stranger. Being vulnerable with someone is the easiest way to get them to open up.

Go around touching people randomly, to see if you can get away with it.

Change any boring topics of conversation to something everyone can relate to, like sex.

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