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Hummus Beer: It’s Gluten-Free and Holy

Written by Bryce

Hummus beer is a thing! Amen.

What do you get when you bring combine water, chick peas, and culinary know-how in the Holy Land? Hummus beer! There’s a new gluten-free concoction brewing in small batches in Jerusalem combining the ever-handy chickpea (also called “hummus” in the non-puree form), dates, and buckwheat.

The Times of Israel reports:

“It’s a very Middle Eastern food,” 52-year-old Bryan Meadan said of his gluten-free beer made with chickpeas, familiar to most through hummus and falafel. “Local beer with local products.”

In the part of the world where Jesus is believed to have turned water to wine, enterprising Israelis are opting for beer — local, craft beer that often has a regional twist.

The microbrew movement taking hold in many countries, showing drinkers that a pint can mean more than bland lager, has been embraced in Israel as well. A wide range of local producers now have a firm foothold in the market.

Meadan, who pursued his love of brewing by first doing it at home, has a particularly niche operation, producing beer that is both gluten-free and made with chickpeas, dates and buckwheat.” 

You have to wonder though, what exactly does a hummus-enhanced beer pair well with?

Food expert and columnist Aly Walansky has some novel ideas for both mainstream and kosher diets. She suggests it’ll pair naturally with falafel and shawarma pitas, but the more adventurous foodies out there should consider pairing the beer Jesus would probably have sipped at parties with “spicy avocado toasts, bruschetta, spicy pickles, and just about any kind of fish tacos.”

*gasp* Fish tacos? Tell us this is true. This would be the most heavenly combinations of all the world’s best ingredients, truffles and chocolate aside.

“The delicate savory flavor of hummus beer is perfect when paired with the subtly sweet fish taco.”<cue little Mexican Jewish angels singing>

So there you have it. Hummus beer is a thing. A glorious, marvelous, miraculous thing.

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