Hysterical Response to Miss USA

Your daily dose of WTF.

If you watched Miss USA a couple weeks ago you probably noticed one very special thing: a bunch of particularly uniformed girls with good boobs and pretty hair. That’s all well and good, because truthfully we do what we can to support great hair and boobs around here, but we also consider ourselves forward thinkers… ya know, crazy sh*t like evolution is always spinning around our brains like monkeys on exercise bikes. The topic of “do you believe evolution should be taught in schools” was poised during the competition, and most of the girls gave horrendous answers like “well, I think kids should have the freedom to believe in whatever they want… like unicorns, God, antelopes with wings, and calorie-free chicken nuggets.” WTF.

Thank you, crazy internet girls, for making this response video. And to be fair, I sort of hate math.

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