Ibiza’s Tourist Tax is Doubling Soon

Written by Bryce

Ibiza’s tourist tax is set to double.

Plan on visiting the Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca and Ibiza? Pack a little extra cash next season, because their tourist tax is about to double to about $5 USD per person, per day. Maybe $5 doesn’t seem like a lot to you right now, but again, that’s not per room — that’s per person and gets you absolutely nothing aside from the legal right to stand on the famous Spanish islands. Will this impact the number of people buying citizenship in Spain? Who knows, but it may affect the popularity of local tourism.

Imagine it this way: the local government will take an extra $500 USD from your group of 10 bachelorette partiers staying a total of 10 nights. That $500 is better spent on a boozy sunrise breakfast, don’t you think? The local government expects to make an additional $125 million USD thanks to the new tourist tax hike, and hasn’t mentioned any plans to improve transportation, infrastructure, or local healthcare. Don’t panic just yet though — we also found the cheapest 4 star hotel on Ibiza offering rates under $100/night, so you’ll be able to make up the lost cash.

The tourist tax hike isn’t just for hotel guests, though, because even cruise passengers passing through Menorca, Ibiza, or Mallorca with dock times of at least 12 hours (read: just about every cruise ship) will be charged roughly $2.50 USD per person, per day as well. For discount cruise travelers, that likely cuts into the local beer budget.

If the few bucks a day is of major concern you can always head over to a neighboring nation and try living in a castle, free. We have a feeling both you and Ibiza will be just fine, though.

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