3 Movies Iggy Azalea Could Rip Off Next

Written by corey

Iggy is in the business of copying movies, we wonder what’s next.

It started with Iggy copying the Clueless for her single “Fancy.” That led to her bringing in Rita Ora (Seriously, who is Rita Ora?) to copy the Kill Bill movies for her “Black Widow” video. It seems that Iggy has quite the pattern when it comes to picking out themes for music videos. While I’m not hating, I just want to take some guesses on what we think she’ll copy next.

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It seems to me that Iggy usually goes after those cult classic films. I mean…Clueless is quite the cult classic and so is Kill Bill. However, maybe she’ll branch out. I doubt it though. Here’s what I’m thinking:


While Iggy may have already done the high school thing, Heathers is a bit darker. She couldn’t do mean girls, because that video would be so dumb. However, is she played Veronica and did her best to dismantle a bomb during a pep rally, it could make for a good video.

Pretty Woman.

First, how amazing would that video be? Iggy would so easily be able to play the escort turned Rodeo Drive girl. The “big mistake, huge” scene would do amazing things for Iggy.

Tomb Raider

Once again, these movies have a huge following. I can just picture Iggy doing bungee ballet in her mansion and beating up intruders. Not to mention, Iggy would look pretty good with a gun.

What do you think? Also, Iggy if you take any of these ideas I will invoice you for a consulting fee.

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