Improve Your Bedroom Skills with Siberian Air From a Yeti

yeti aphrodisiac air
Written by Gary

A group of Siberian Entrepreneurs believe that ‘canned air’ is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

yeti aphrodisiac air

I have heard of a lot of different ways to get a boner, from oysters to Viagra, but canned ‘yeti air’ from Siberia is completely new to me. Frankly, I hate the Siberian air that nearly destroyed the happiness of all New Yorkers this past winter.

Vladimir Mukata, the head of the Tashtagol district in Siberia claims that air from the Azasskaya Cave (allegedly where the yeti/bigfoot came from) can strengthen immunity, positively affect mental states, and yes, help you perform better in the boudoir.

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The marketers of the product state that all you have to do is breathe the air to gain the strength and staying power of a yeti. They say the air is packed with ions, healthy minerals, and vitamin particles.

At 3$ a pop, I really don’t think you have anything to lose. If your boyfriend is having some performing issues, you might as well buy a can. At the very least it will provide you with a laugh while you sit, fully clothed on the couch, cupping his flaccid member and willing it to work.

yeti aphrodisiac air

yeti aphrodisiac air

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