Live in An Indoor Jungle

indoor jungle
Written by Gary

A French Botanist has turned his house into an indoor jungle.

indoor jungle

Even though I live in New York, I am a really outdoorsy kind of gay. I think it is absolutely vital for humans to commune with nature once in a while, and even though I live in a concrete cage on top of millions of other people, I try to escape into the wilderness as much as possible.

Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist is known in France as the master of vertical gardens. He has designed hundreds of ‘green walls’ throughout his career, so it only stands to reason that he would turn his home outside of Paris into a veritable jungle.

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The vertical gardens are created by attaching metal frames to walls, covering them with PVC and rot-proof felt, and then setting up an irrigation system to keep the felt damp.

Blanc has covered basically every wall of his home with these plants and I have to say I am kind of jealous. It has always been my dream to escape to a jungle island and live out the rest of my days. Maybe I should try and do what he did, and bring the jungle to me.

indoor jungle

indoor jungle

indoor jungle

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