Is Sun Good for Hair? Here’s What Doctors Say

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Is sun good for hair?

Summer is upon us which means it’s time to start upping your sun protection game. I know we all love a little bask in the warm summer sun, but is sun good for hair? We did the research to find out in an effort to keep crunchy hair at bay, forever.

Real talk: your hair is dead. Getting a little sun on your ends isn’t going to physically hurt you and it’s not going to give you a risk for skin cancer (so long as your skin is protected). But, (and it is a big but), is sun good for hair that is color treated? Nope.

Everyone knows that the sun can lighten your hair color. Add a little lemon juice and you’ve got the highlights I gave myself at 10 years old. But when your hair is already partially damaged from dye and bleach, you’re more susceptible to that color changing a lot in the sun. There’s no reason to let a beach excursion kill your honeymoon hair game, right?

To prevent too much hair lightening in the sun you can wear a hat, braid or bun your hair away, or slather in products. We’re big fans of the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil for hydrating and protecting our hair in summer months.

Let’s talk about sun protection for your scalp. Any skin can burn, including your scalp and oft-forgotten ears. And, not that this is a shocker, but sunburns can be a contributing factor in skin cancer and other dermatologic issues.

Regardless if you like to wear your hair with an exposed part, you can sunburn your scalp. One method of protection? Simply applying your sunscreen to your part. We suggest opting for a powder, mineral sunscreen for this to avoid majorly greasy roots.

According to this Investigative Dermatology article, upping your vitamin D levels may be helpful in getting a better (as in less-bad) skin reaction to sun. But, popping a multi-vitamin everyday isn’t going to take the place of adequate sun protection.

If you’re spending time outside, lather up exposed skin with some SPF 30 (and take it with you for reapplication), wear protective clothing, and pop on a hat. Doctors orders. Hats are cute now anyway! And they protect your scalp, face, neck, and even shoulders from getting too much sun.

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