Is the Partial Head Shave Still a “Thing”?

Written by Karina

Are you, or your mom, getting buzzed? Read this, regardless.

Lately, the only thing more confusing than the Bermuda Triangle that is my purse, is this long-lasting trend of having your head partially shaved. Listen, I know it’s nothing new; and long before the wave of Rihanna’s and Cassie’s two years ago, we’d seen a handful of women going totally bare on top, mostly for the sake of a movie role. But Demi Moore’s transformation into a hardcore G.I. Jane wasn’t initially a style choice, even if it did set other electric razors all abuzz. And lest we forget the style’s actual punk-rock roots in the 70s and 80s when serious rebels rocked the skin of their heads like a guitar.

But in the life cycle of a trend, this one seems to have hit old-age. I’ve seen strips of scalp on every sort of woman about town: big, small, on bike, on bus, in heels, in sneakers, at shopping racks from Bergdorf to Forever 21. And honestly, I’m having a hard time figuring out what this tough-girl trend is supposed to signify anymore. By the time a fad has been adapted for the small-screen – for the EXTRA’S on the small screen – and everyone and your grandma is doing it, doesn’t it lose some of its appeal, just a little?

What will it take for the trend to be completely washed up on mainstream shores? A new Disney Princess with a side-shaved hairstyle? Your mom getting buzzed? I’m gonna go ahead and say that whenever Gwennie Paltrow appears with some of her perfect WASPY scalp on show, the trend can officially be called “over”.

Have you had a partial shave – or would you get one now?

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