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Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Collection

moschino fall 2014
Written by emilyc

Jeremy Scott must take pity on runway models because he used his Moschino Fall 2014 collection as a vehicle to provide them something of which they have been deprived for the entirety of their careers: food. Not just any food, but greasy, salty, sugary, preservative-laden junk food. It’s hydrogenated oil couture. Jeremy also threw in some pop culture for good measure. Let’s just hope these looks don’t set any trends.

moschino fall 2014

2014: the year McDonald’s became chic (?).

moschino spongebob

I would have loved to have seen the look on Anna Wintour’s face when this one came down the runway.

moschino fall 2014

Looks like Jeremy Scott consulted Trinidad James for this look. All gold err’thing.

moschino beer

You know the times are a’changing when Milan Fashion Week shows Budweiser knockoff capes.

moschino yellow dress

Does this give me permission to piece together littered candy wrappers on the street into a gown next time I have a black tie event?

moschino popcorn

Feeling bad about yourself after a popcorn binge? Throw on your new Moschino popcorn poncho and put yourself on blast.

moschino chocolate

It’s safe to say that Ke$ha will be wearing this to the Grammys once she completes her stint in eating disorder rehab.

moschino crackers

She won’t have to eat for a week after wearing a dress with that many crackers on it.

moschino cheetos

This fall’s hottest color? Cheeto dust orange.

moschino food additives

Because what bride wouldn’t want to get married in a gown embellished with the names of food additives?

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