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Kiddie Skin Protection You Can Feel Good About

Written by Bryce

All the protection your little one needs, and then some.

What’s better than keeping our skin soft, dewy, and youthful? Protecting the skin of the little ones we love and keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. We’ve made an easy to use list of our favorite kiddie skin protectors that are awesome enough that you’ll find yourself stealing some! Here are the goods, in no particular order:

1. Vichy SPF 60. Formulated using aunique blend of effective UV filters and powerful antioxidants (Vitamin E and White Grape Polyphenols), this one goes on soft and sheer. It’s perfect for finicky kids that hate the white, smudgey look and it’s water resistant.

2. Nature’s GateΒ  Fragrance- Free SPF 30. It’s fragrance-free, paraben-free, pediatrician-tested, contains aloe extract and Bisabalol- they key ingredient in chamomile. What more is there to say? Oh, it’s under $10!

3. Jason Natural SPF 45. It’s safe for kids, water-resistant, easy to find (even at Whole Foods!), and packed with feel-good ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, and green tea.

4. Mustela Hydra Bebe Lotion. This is what babies are supposed to smell like! Sweet, mildly fragrant, and oozing with the cuddle vibe. This lotion is packed with vitamins and essential oils, and totally free of nasty stuff like parabens. It’s a perfect post-sun moisturizing component.

5. MDSolarSciences Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. This gel formula absorbs fast and smooth, and it’s light enough that kids just won’t notice it (moms know that’s a good thing). It’s the perfect consistency for you to wear it without worrying about clogged pores, and wears perfectly under make up (I even use it as a makeup primer). Contains active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

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