Ladies, That Mannequin is Totally Watching You Pee

Written by Bryce

Well, that’s creeptastic.

You know you’re a total creep when you spend your day figuring out crafty ways to watch women take a piss in a public place- like the mall, for example.

University of Birmingham student Joel Hardman was caught trying to secretly film women on his mobile phone, the Birmingham Mail reports. The 22-year-old from Edgbaston was seen sneaking into the women’s toilets “dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig” earlier this month.

When security guards nabbed him after he emerged from the locked cubicle, Hardman admitted to performing a sexual act and said: “I’ve been a bit weird.”

He also told police he found the sound of women on the toilet sexually exciting and said: “It’s good you’ve caught me β€” maybe now I’ll stop.”

The moral of this story is two-fold.

  1. Stay away from pissing in Australian shopping malls if you want to keep your privates private
  2. Don’t be a total creep
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