Last Chance to “Dance With Somebody”??

Written by Maura

Craig Ferguson (the boss on the Drew Carey Show, and host of The Late Late Show) says in his new book, America on Purpose, that America is “the land of 2nd, 3rd and 106th chances”. It’s true, we love the Cinderella story, the underdog..no matter how outrageous our celebrity royalty is, we always welcome them back with open arms.  No matter the charge, the drug, the politically incorrect comment or insult, we want to believe that the people we chose to idolize have the potential to reform and truly exhibit their talents. Apparently, thats the American Way. Well, welcome to chance 106 Whitney Houston.

Whitney cracked out

Before: Whitney cracked out

After: Comeback time??

Whit is coming out with her 7th studio album on September 1st. This will be her first album since 2004, and since she showed the world what her crazy life is like on Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown. It is rumored that she has been collaborating with Alicia Keys and Akon for this album, and I, along with the rest of the forgiving fans of the good ‘ole US of A, am hoping that this is the comeback we’ve been waiting for. For me to believe that the old Whitney is back I’m gonna need some major 80’s level dance hits and at least one belt it out, gonna be a legendary song. It’s a lot to live up to the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” era and its gonna be a toughie after all that crack and craziness. I wish you luck, Whitney..show them that American’s aren’t completely ignorant, just hopeful.

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