Lauren Bacall To Get Exhibit

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The late Lauren Bacall’s fashions are getting their own exhibit.

When it comes to film noir, Lauren Bacall is a name that comes right to mind. Not only was Lauren sultry and sexy in her own right, but her style is legendary.

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There are many people we can think of that deserve an exhibit but no one comes to mind lately more than Lauren Bacall. Even after she married Humphrey Bogart, she was a celebrity in her own right. A majority of pictures of Bacall have always captured her signature gaze. From any angle, you always felt like she was looking right at you.

It was announced this week that the FIT Museum will be hosting an exhibit of the actresses fashion choices. The exhibit was planned even before she passed and is said to have be “high-quality — Diana Vreeland style.” There is no one right now that we think deserves this more than Bacall. The exhibit will spotlight some of Bacall’s favorite designers: Christian Dior, Ungaro, Yves Saint Laurent, and Paul Cardin.

We’ll keep you updated on the opening and of course attend to give everyone a look.

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