Life Advice From An Intern Part XI

Written by Casey

Life Advice From An Intern Part XI

With all the English bands I listen to, I should be British by now.

Someone somewhere is in love with you right now.

Guys who want skinny girls as opposed to real woman are conceited assholes because it gives them some false sense of power. Real men, the type of man that you want, want a real woman with curves who doesn’t look like a stick. Keep that in mind.

Desperate is never cute.

Never let a relationship or even just dating get in the way of your school work or career. If it does, then you’re not being strong enough and you need to put yourself first. What’s going to matter more in a few years? Remembering some shitty few dates you went on instead of studying more or working really hard at your job.

Your iMessages should not be more than fifteen lines. You’re not writing an essay. Unless you’re complaining to your best friend. Then it’s allowed.

If a guy is sleeping over and the only thing you can think of is how badly you want to do laundry, clean your sheets and go to the gym and start your day by yourself, you’re not being fair to yourself or to him and need to end it.

Always try to wear matching bras and underwear. That way you’re prepared for anything. Even if you end up alone at night watching TV and eating froyo, at least you will feel super cute and good in your skin.

Get rid of all the negative people in your life. Simple! Throw them away. Literally I wish I could throw some people away but they weigh too much and I don’t have strong arm muscles. They’re energy and spirit drainers. You have no time and no need for their negative energy in your life.

Good karma man. Practice and preach it.

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