25 Creative Ways To Say No

Written by Gary

A lot of people have problem saying “no”. I am not one of these people, unless we are talking about sex, but that is neither here, nor there.

creative ways to say no

The reason people find it difficult to refuse others is that they are worried about looking like a bad guy, or making someone else unhappy. Most of the time, when they agree to something, it is more about the way they will be perceived, and less about their own happiness. Have you ever agreed to do something you knew you didn’t want to do, purely because you wanted other people to think you are a good person? Do you realize that by that very act, you are being inauthentic, which kind of makes you a bad person?

Agreeing to everything is a surefire way to make people like you (or rather, appreciate you), but I would rather have people respect me, any day. So here are 25 bad-ass ways to say no. May you never be someone’s doormat again.

creative ways to say no

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