Life Advice From An Intern Part XXIII

Written by Casey

Life Advice From An Intern Part XXIII

The most acceptable form of dessert is dark chocolate covered almonds or pistachio nuts.

If you’re looking for a sign to start something new, this is it.

A good facial can change your life.

I know it’s sad that everyone is going back to school, but just think, the season of leather pants, cashmere sweaters, and hot coffee is approaching, and that my friends, is a wonderful thing.

Nothing is better than having your college friends come back after a long summer apart.

Turn off the TV and read.

My two best friends and I got fishes this weekend, (because that’s about all of the responsibility we can handle) and named them: Jay-Z, Beyonce, & George.

Life is too short for bad coffee and bad music.

Putting blueberries in your glass filled with ice and seltzer is a brilliant idea.

“I think of myself as a workaholic during the week and a hippie on the weekends.” Isabel Marant.


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