Penis Facts That Every Woman Should Know

Penis facts
Written by Gary

We have all heard of the feminine mystique and the mysteries of the vagina, but ask any woman you know and she will probably tell you that penises are pretty baffling, too.

Penis facts

I will admit that if I didn’t have one in my shorts right now, I would probably be clueless about dicks, from their likes to their dislikes, and how to keep them happy, but not so happy that they get comfortable and gain a bunch of weight. Recently, I randomly happened across a few penis facts that I think every woman should know. If nothing else, they may bring you closer to your boyfriend, since it shows that you are taking the initiative to understand his most important part.

1. Statistically, only 1 man out of 400 is capable of giving himself a blowie. While I am sure that all 400 have tried, if your guy tells you he is double-jointed in this regard, you might want to call his bluff.

2. Foreskin can be reconstructed. I know you think you dodged a bullet with your circumcised guy, but if he really wanted his foreskin back, all it would take is a few years and some dangly weights.

3. Men’s orgasms last about 6 seconds. Women’s orgasms last about 23 seconds. While this may not make up for the fact that women push babies out of their vaginas, it’s a start.

4. The foreskins of circumcised infants can be used to grow skin for burn victims. One foreskin can create up to 23,000 square meters. Do you hear that George Bush? Don’t be surprised if you get some angry letters from the League of American Burn Victims that I just made up.

5. Smoking can shorten the length of the penis by 1 centimeter. Since erections rely on blood-flow and reduce circulation, so you might want to use that as ammo if you are trying to get your guy to quit smoking.

6. Cuter guys have stronger sperm. In a Spanish research study, women were shown a random collage of guys who had good, average, and crappy sperm. The guys with the good stuff got picked most often, so if you are planning to have a baby on your own, consider hiring a hot male hooker.

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