Life Advice From An Intern Part XXIV

Written by Casey

Life Advice From An Intern Part XXIV

Be with someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone.

I read Vogue’s September Issue. It didn’t feed me like it did Carrie Bradshaw.

Moroccan Oil is the best smell in the world.

Girls: If you’re putting makeup on make sure you don’t leave your neck to look white as a ghost while your face is all bronzed out. Get it together.

Dudes: Hold the door open, or it will close in my face.

If you’re going to smoke, don’t.

Hip bones are okay to show in a crop top, not your belly button. That’s going too high ladies.

Lets bring back love letters. Or at least love e-mails.

Just because you go to therapy twice a week doesn’t mean that you are a therapist #youdon’tknowitall.

Being rude to your parents in public is NOT cool.

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