Lounge Pants You’ll Want To Live In 24/7

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Cozy up and look cute at the same time in chic lounge pants from Free People.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I love a good elastic waistband. It’s not that I’m obese and can’t fit into my jeans or something, I’m just all about comfort. Hell, when jeggings came out, I was probably one of the happiest fashionistas ever. Anyway, where I’m going with this whole spiel is that, working from home, I tend to live in shorts and pants of the stretchy variety: old soccer shorts, my boyfriend’s sweatpants, you get the picture. Recently however, I decided to up my elastic game. Check out these super cute and ridiculously comfy lounge pants I’m totally drooling over from Free People.

Sheer Floral Bottoms, $88.00

Chiffon Trouser, $98.00

Fleece Foldover Pant, $172.00

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