Finding Luxury in Marrakech

marrakech luxury
Written by Gary

Marrakech is becoming a well-known luxury travel destination.

marrakech luxury

The Ryad Dyor Hotel

 I have never personally been to Marrakech, but I know Bryce loves it, and that is reason enough for me (after all, she owns TheLuxurySpot).

Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morrocco, situated close to the Atlas Mountains, Casablanca, and the Moroccan capital city. It has over 400 hotels, tons of museums, mosques, palaces, tombs, and marketplaces where you can buy any treasure your heart desires. Along with all that, it is also home to a level of luxury on par with much more well-known travel destinations, making it a pretty well-kept secret.

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If you don’t believe me, take a look at the following photos of hidden luxury in Marrakech. Go for the food, stay for the beautiful tile-work, and come back to regale your friends of your trip to Africa, where you dined on ethnic cuisine while getting a spa treatment at a five star hotel. It is a little ironic since you are technically in Africa, but well worth it, nonetheless.

luxury in marrakech

Café Arabe, Marrakech

luxury in marrakech

The Royal Mansour Spa

luxury in marrakech 

The Royal Mansour Lobby

 luxury in marrakech

Bahia Palace

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