Shake Shack for Dogs: It’s a Thing

Written by Bryce

There’s a menu item that translates the popular love of Shake Shack for dogs. Get ready to pee on something with happiness if you’re a fan with a pup.

Shake Shack is the New York area’s equivalent of cheap burger heaven. New locations tend to create mass positive hysteria, so imagine what this info will do to the people? There’s a secret menu item for DOGS.

The ‘Poochini’ is a canine-in-mind cup of dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard. If that’s not enough, you can channel White Castle for your pup (at Shake Shack, I know, confusing) with a Bag O’Bones– a five pound sack of Shake Shack dog biscuits. While I personally don’t eat meat, I can 100% stand behind the institution of peanut butter and ice cream being the happiest set of soul mates ever. I can also endorse a dog’s right to dessert– that’s just where I am with my life.

But seriously, expect about 1,000 face licks, because this Shake Shack for dogs scenario just may earn you unlimited paper fetching and the protection of your new shoes. Also, if you’re going to try this at any of the downtown locations, consider outfitting your furry one in a Canada Goose coat and some aviators so he or she can fully feel a part of the local scene.

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