Five Awesome Luxury Stadium Boxes

luxury stadium boxes
Written by Gary

These luxury stadium boxes let you watch sports in style.

luxury stadium boxes

Arrowhead Stadium, MO, a three-story stadium box with six bedrooms.

Let me be clear, I am pretty gay, and have no idea what a stadium box is supposed to be. That being said, I can safely say that if I ever have the pleasure of watching a game from a stadium box, I would prefer it to be something like these.

These boxes range from full-on mini-mansions, to spas, and even nice hotel-esque places where you can take a nap while Katy Perry bounces around in whatever outfit she pulled out of the children’s costume bin at Goodwill.

Say what you will about sports, but I do love a good box.

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luxury stadium boxes

Hartwell Arena, Finland, featuring a 20 person sauna.

luxury stadium boxes

Rogers Centre, Canada which is basically both a hotel, and a stadium.

 luxury stadium boxes

Metlife Stadium, New Jersey, (the birthplace of luxury) designed by David Rockwell.

luxury stadium boxes 

Memorial Stadium, California, with unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay.

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