Give Your Misbehaving Kids Old Man Haircuts

old man haircut
Written by Gary

An Atlanta barber disciplines kids with old man haircuts.

old man haircut

If your son or daughter is a constant asshole with no respect for authority, he or she probably needs some discipline. Unfortunately, we live in an era where taking off your sandal and reddening your child’s buttocks is frowned upon (although admittedly, it worked on me), so parents nowadays have to get more creative with discipline.

Russell Fredrick, from the A-1 Kutz salon in Atlanta has taken the discipline game to level: awesome by giving misbehaving kids old-man haircuts to teach them a lesson. Called the ‘Benjamin Button Special’, the cut involves shaving the crown of the head, but leaving the sides so your child looks like an old geezer.

Even better, Fredrick performs the haircuts three times per week, free of charge.

You may think humiliating or shaming your kid is a bad idea, but do you think he or she took that into consideration when he or she was making a huge spectacle at the shopping mall by hurling feces at random strangers?

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The ‘Benjamin Button’ teaches kids that if they don’t want to be embarrassed, they shouldn’t embarrass others. In this day and age when kids go fucking ape-shit at Chic-fila just because you accidentally deleted their progress on a video game (achem, my nephew), maybe a little tough love is exactly what they need.

Would you do it to your kid?

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