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Written by Maura

The mosquitoes have been running wild here in NYC due to the crazy monsoon level amounts of rain we seem to be attracting lately. As a result, I haven’t worn my fave perfume (Juicy Couture, if you were curious..even though it is totally irrelevant to the story) in several days..instead I’ve been sporting some lovely(insert extreme sarcasm) bug spray, which just totally screams “hey, I’m a mountain woman”, not “hey, I smell real cute, come talk to me.” So being a girl, I just needed a pick me up in the yummy smelling department and since I can’t wear it for fear of becoming Mr. Mosquito’s dinner and newest addition to the West Nile’s wishlist, I decided that at least my abode can smell super fab. I turned to the ever deliciously scented, Hawaiian based, Malie Organics.


First of all, I love candles. Period. I especially love them in my bedroom, not for the cheesy romance movie, I’ll-put-on-some-smooth-jazz-and-light-some-candles-to-set-the-mood reason, but because I like the light they give off and I think your bedroom should smell different from the rest of your home. It should be your sanctuary and a change in scent really helps define that difference. I chose the Malie Soy Candle Plumeria. Plumeria is just a really great sweet smell that I adore in all things. What is more relaxing than a tropical scent from Hawaii?..come on, if that doesn’t allow you to unwind you need to seriously consider a career change. The candle’s look is very classy, sleek and simple–a perfect addition to any bedroom.

Soy Candle Plumeria $30.00

Soy Candle Plumeria $30.00

For the rest of my joint, I decided on Malie’s Island Ambiance Coconut Vanilla Reed Scent Diffusers. This is perfect because it gives me a feel of the islands that is notable but still subtle. I can’t stand when you walk in the house and it smells stale or like their dog or cat, or last nights fish dinner, but I can’t stand it even more when I can practically taste the air freshener or scent in the room because it is so overpowering. This is the perfect solution for a pleasant smelling room that doesn’t knock you over or give you a headache..its exactly what I’ve been searching for!

Island Ambiance Coconut Vanilla $68.00

Island Ambiance Coconut Vanilla $68.00

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