Couple Gets Married 38 Times in 83 Days

multiple weddings couple
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Crazy couple takes a world tour and gets married multiple times, in multiple countries.

multiple weddings couple
For most people, getting married once is more than enough. We talk a lot about weddings here on The Luxury Spot, so obviously we have to cover it when we find out that a couple is having 38 weddings in a slew of different countries and locales.

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard (I feel sorry for their children already) decided to take their wedding to the next level of hell by throwing 38 weddings, each in a different country including Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Fiji, India, and Egypt. Their total plan includes 38 ceremonies in 11 countries, across 6 continents before throwing a final wedding in the United States on May 2nd.
The trip is funded by their friends and fans, and they are both ordained so they can basically marry themselves.

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I can’t really say anything bad about this, because I think it’s pretty much the ultimate ‘one-up’ to every bridezilla that has ever existed.
So mazel. All I can really say is mazel.

Weigh in below: an incredible love story or a self-indulgent mess?

multiple weddings couple

multiple weddings couple

multiple weddings couple

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