Meet the Persian Hercules

persian hercules
Written by Gary

A Persian real-life Hercules.

A 24-year-old Iranian weightlifter has been dubbed the Persian Hercules.

persian hercules

I don’t know about you, but I have always found the idea of Hercules to be totally hot. That being said, a real-life Hercules would probably be a huge disappointment, and by huge, I mean tiny, and by tiny, I mean well, you know what I mean. I may just get my chance to test that theory though, as an Iranian weightlifter named Sajad Gharibi has stunned the internet with his herculean physique.

Gharibi weighs in at 345 pounds of muscle and can life up to 386 pounds. His Instagram account has 67,000 followers who have given him the nicknames of ‘Persian Hercules’ and ‘Iranian Hulk’ amongst many other things in Farsi that I’m unable to decipher.

Is anyone else wondering if this guy is a direct descendant of Goliath? I mean, different lands, but people travel and this Persian Hercules dude seems to really fit the bill.

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Anyone who has seen Game of Thrones knows that this guy could easily get a walk-on role as The Mountain. My one issue is I can’t even imagine how much he has to eat every day to maintain that weight, like how much rice, khoresht, and kebab must this guy’s mom be making every day?

persian hercules persian hercules

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