Men: Time to Revitalize Your Grooming Product Lineup?

Written by Lana

A few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to update my selection of ‘grooming’ products (ie, the stuff I use to wash my face, do my hair, etc.). My current lineup hasn’t really changed since I was about 15 and is in dire need of some reworking. For example, my current body wash is really just a bar of Ivory soap. As I embark on my quest to upgrade my current products – all available at my Associated supermarket – with slightly up market alternatives, here’s a selection of the first few things I’ve tried so far:

Surgeon’s Skin Secret for Men

This little pack came complete with a moisturizing stick, face conditioner, and daily refresher spray. All three are “Mountain Mist” scent and you will notice this immediately when you open them.

The face conditioner and refresher spray (aka body spray) were not amazing. The face lotion has mineral oil in it, which, if you are even at little bit at risk of breaking out, is not something you want on your face. The spray was pointless (it reminded me of 7th grade when girls would produce a medium-to-large sized cloud of body spray to prance through before entering the classroom).

The moisturizing stick, however, was a pleasant surprise. I hate hand lotion; even the ones that claim to be non-greasy and to absorb quickly leave my hands with a residue that I feel the need to go wash off. This moisturizing stick is beeswax based though, which means it is actually not greasy and leaves your skin matte and healthy feeling. I would recommend the unscented version however.

Clubman’s Pinaud After Shave Lotion

Even though alcohol based after-shave products seem to be out of vogue right now, with everyone saying you should use some soothing cream or balm or something, there is still something to be said about the cool brisk feel of a good liquid aftershave. While I’m personally not one for heavily fragranced products, this one is a classic and reminds me of going to the barber as a kid (since I live in NYC now, obviously I go to a salon and can’t spend less than $60 for a hair cut). It starts out refreshing with a clean/citrus/alcohol smell, but fades quickly into a more subtle and manly musk smell.

skin 2 skin Photoaging Repair Cream

You know you should be wearing sun block everyday because the sun causes your skin to age and get wrinkled and spotty and such. But you don’t. That’s why you need this product. It increases your skin cell turnover, repairing damage and leaving you with a nice even healthy skin tone. Even if you haven’t started to see the effects of sun exposure on your skin yet (like me, luckily), this stuff still works wonders evening out your skin tone and giving you that nice healthy glow. And, unlike similar products (retinoids/AHA), this one won’t leave your skin extra sun-sensitive.

There’s still more headway to be made in my search for new grooming products, but from this selection though, I think I’ve made some solid progress!

Disclosure: All products were provided for review. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions belong to the author.

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