Midtown NYC’s Surprising Beauty Finds

Written by Bryce

Midtown NYC is better known for office buildings than beauty spaces, but if you look hard enough you just may find some of the best beauty experiences in the city. Here are a few totally worth trying:

1. HydraFacials at the Langham Place Spa. Before you even get to your facial, you have access to a Turkish hammam (free with any treatment), steam rooms, saunas, a cold shock room, a therapeutic shower (it’s BEYOND), and a relaxation room full of tea, cold water, fruit, and nuts. By the time you make your way to your HydraFacial, you’ll be treated to a suction-supported treatment that’ll leave your skin soft, glowing, and pumping oxygen to all the right cells. The facial itself lasts about 40 minutes, but you can make an afternoon out of enjoying the spa facilities. Take a peek at the spa, here.

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2. Mani/Pedis at Ten Over Ten. There’s nothing better than a clean, well-kept nail salon (and frankly, they’re hard to find). Ten Over Ten is hidden beneath the Parker Meridien Hotel, quiet, wifi-friendly, and high end. Flawless nails every time, and a great selection of Essie, CHANEL, and other polishes. Check it out here.

3. Brazilians at Bliss 49. East 49th Street might be geographically far from Brazil, but the Brazilian wax at Bliss Spa is everything according to Amber Katz of “Bella at Bliss49 is bomb at Brazilans. Plus, you get to nosh on brownies and cukes and cheese in the spa lounge while you’re waiting for your appointment.”

4. Drybar finally made it to Midtown East. I feel like Drybar needs no REAL explanation, but if you’re looking for an affordable, fast, and fab-quality blowout, the Drybar location on East 56th Street will give you glamour waves for days (on your lunch break, too!).

5. Reflexology or bust! “I’m kind of a reflexology fiend, and Susan Ciminelli, which is a stone’s throw from my office, offers a lovely service. My tired feed get rubbed, needed, and stretched to rejuvenation every time,” says Julia DiNardo of She suggests making an appointment with Anna.

6. Oscar Blandi will cut you. Dory Larrabee, Beauty Director at, loves heading over to Oscar Blandi for her fave haircut in town. “Taylor cuts my hair with tons of volume and movement. I walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks!”

7. Lashes, lashes, lashes. “I’ve gone to Cheri at Lash Boutique on 39th and 8th a half dozen times for lashes and every single time she masters my desire of achieving porn-star-with-a-heart-of-gold eye flutter. Super cute, intimate spot, very nice people. Great quality too. I don’t do lash extensions super often, usually when I’m going through a specific “come hither” period, but I live for how I look in photos when I do,” says Aly Walansky of

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