OMG: Unseen Acne

Written by Bryce

Did you know there’s such a thing as unseen acne? It’s literally the acne beneath your skin that’s slowly forming.

Check out that semi-gross photo of me. The scientists at Neutrogena have a pretty nifty machine that takes a clear, beneath-the-skin image of what’s going on deep in your pores. You can see the sun damage I have from years of youth in Florida sunshine, and the little white and red dots are actually potential zits that won’t show up for about EIGHT WEEKS. You guys, this is basically an acne fortune teller (although maybe I didn’t really want this fortune)?

I saw a few of my friends get their skin tested, too, and was amazed at the stress level in the room after we all started seeing those tiny acne dots. According to the lovely folks at Neutrogena, the solution for mild breakout potential (like mine) is an exfoliating and calming cleanser, like the one from their Pink Grapefruit line. It’s packed with vitamin C and salicylic acid to combat nasty breakouts before they start.

But seriously, pass the sunscreen.

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