Two Words: Mini Horses

mini horses
Written by Gary

These mini horses are too adorable for words.

mini horses

I know I just said these mini horses are too adorable for words, but now I’m going to write about them, so deal with it. If you have any children, I suggest you never show them this or they are going to be begging you for a mini horse instead of a pony, puppy, or goldfish, and these little buggers are expensive. If you’re lucky you can snag one for a grand.

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Just for your information, mini horses are any horse that stands below 34-38 inches. They have really great personalities, so most of the time they are kept as family pets or service animals. In case you don’t know how sex works, they are created by breeding two mini-horses that were created by breeding a long line of small horses together until they reached the point of being totally tiny, and totally adorbs.

They’re possibly a good investment, though, because if frenchies can make $500/day on Instagram, imagine what a tiny horse could bring in?

mini horses

mini horses

mini horses

mini horses

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