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Modular Interiors Are the Future of Interior Design

futuristic modern living
Written by Gary

Modular living is very clearly the future of interior design.

futuristic modern living

As the world population increases and the amount of livable space decreases, it makes sense to cram as much of your design and decor needs into the smallest space possible. In Japan, many people already live in apartments units with ridiculously small square footage. They accomplish this with smart design, that is, building furniture and implements necessary to everyday living that fold away, fit inside each other, or have multiple uses. Since many modular designs do have multiple uses, this way of life is also considered eco-friendly and good for the environment. I am personally a fan of having lots of space to sprawl out, but if faced with the option of having space, but not being able to breath due to pollution, or breathing clean air and living in a smaller space, I would get myself a gas mask and throw my feet up on an ottoman.

I’m a traditionalist, however. Everything from the amount of people on this Earth, to the “green living” trend that has overtaken our culture point towards modular living as a way of life for the future.

futuristic modern living

futuristic modern living

futuristic modern living

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