Morgan Freeman’s Voice for Your GPS (finally!)

morgan freeman gps
Written by Gary

Morgan Freeman finally voices GPS.

The Waze app finally adds Morgan Freeman’s voice to its GPS celebrity roster.

I don’t know about you, but for me, Morgan Freeman is basically the voice of everything I’m trying to hear. Not only does he always play the role of the wise mentor that sacrifices himself to save the day in every movie, but he is also IN every movie I have ever seen, and probably a bunch that I haven’t. I have always wondered why Morgan Freeman never lent his voice to GPS, but I can finally lay my mind to rest because AMEN, YOU GUYS, Morgan Freeman’s voice can officially take you everywhere you’re trying to go in life.

Morgan Freeman is the latest celebrity voice added to Waze, the free navigation app. If you have never used Waze, it’s basically just a GPS program that looks like it was designed for a Harajuku girl on a three wheel bicycle that can fly, and you can get points for doing mostly-legal traffic maneuvers, so that’s kind of fun, too.

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Morgan Freeman’s voice addition to the app happens to coincide with his upcoming movie, London Has Fallen so it’s obviously a clever marketing ploy. Take all our money, Morgz, we’re so down to be guided by you. If London falling was all it took to get Morgan Freeman to voice my GPS though, I’d say it is a worthy sacrifice (although, BREXIT, #toosoon?).

morgan freeman gps

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