Hands Down, Most Nourishing Body Wash Ever is Dove Deep Moisture

Written by Bryce

(and I’ve been using it for years)

I’ve partnered with Dove for this post, but it features 100% genuine opinions, pics of my shower, and love of super soft skin.

Let me tell you a little story about a girl who has a few very specific products in her nonstop beauty bag of tricks. Okay, okay that girl is me, and while I’ve been known to switch up my eye makeup, lipsticks and glosses, my shower routine is pretty uniform — I’ve been using Dove Body Wash for literally years at this point because it’s the only one I’ve found that leaves my skin super soft (even when I’m too tired or lazy to load on some extra moisturizer), leaves no weird filmy residues (can I get an amen for clean AND hydrated skin?), and my husband feels the exact same way. Yup, I’m at a point in life where I’m sharing body washes and I’m not even 1% ashamed because this stuff is so good. Between the changing seasons and weather, skin is bound to dry out and get that weird lizard-ish appearance if it’s not taken care of properly. Sorry, but I’m not about that life.

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A little known body wash fact is that a lot of the random bottles you’ll find on drugstore shelves actually contain the same harsh, skin-drying cleansers as dish soap (hi, I’m not a plate covered in spaghetti, so no thanks), which is why it’s basically 100% necessary to load up on creams and body oils post-shower if you use that stuff. Not every pretty bottle leaves a pretty body full of skin, and only Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash features a mild formula with the brand’s gentlest cleansers, combined with their signature NutriumMoisture technology to provide long-term skin natural nourishment. I’ve been known to look for the best body wash ever on the many other continents I travel to as well, and I’ll have you know one of the best days of my beauty-shopping life was when I discovered my body wash staple while traveling abroad for my recent vows renewal. I committed (again) to a lifetime with the man of my dreams, and never going without my go-to cleansing staple, even when super far away from home.

The Original Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash has a super calm, tranquil scent and comes out looking like a rich, mega-hydrating cream. That’s actually one of my favorite parts — you know it’s going to keep your skin in great shape because the minute you squeeze it out of the bottle it’s already giving you all the deep moisture signals you could ever ask for.

You can see how nourishing it is for the skin as soon as it's out of the bottle

You can see how nourishing it is for the skin as soon as it’s out of the bottle

I love adding a generous dollop to my spin brush in the shower, too, to cover my legs, ankles, and arms (the areas of my body most prone to dry skin), because the rich lather combined with the spin brush leaves my skin completely exfoliated, smooth, and hydrated for hours and hours without any additional creams, oils, or other moisturizers. HIGH FIVE!

The best part, though, is that the best body wash of all time, Dove, is basically available everywhere at mass retailers and is super affordable at under $7 for a giant 22 ounce bottle.

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  • I have super senistive skin and Dove has been one of the only body washes I’ve been able to use, plus it’s on the super affordable side.

  • Just reading this post, I can smell the Dove! I LOVE Dove products and have been using them for a couple decades…

  • I absolutely love Dove products! I appreciate how they nourish my skin while leaving it really soft! Wow- I sound like a commercial but I really and truly love them and have been using Dove for years! 🙂

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