Drunken Munchkin Kittens

Written by Gary

Munchkin cats are a new breed short-legged cat, complete with drunken googley eyes.

munchkin cat

Arriving on the scene in the 1990s, short-legged munchkin cats have been stomping the runways of the world on tiny, stunted legs ever since. Munchkin cats are basically the cat equivalent of a dachshund, and even though they may suffer from back, hip, and leg problems, they make up for it in overall cuteness.

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Although they aren’t fully recognized by all the cat associations of the world, munchkin cats don’t care, because they are very clearly drunk. I haven’t been able to pinpoint whether their crazy eyes are an actual genetic mutation, or just a happy accident, but all the kitten photos I have found resemble the drunken Facebook posts of a confused 18-year-old sorority girl after accepting a drink from a 3-year senior that still lives on campus.

munchkin cat

munchkin cat

munchkin cat

munchkin cat

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