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Best Coast
Written by Casey

On the Best Coast, We Always Have Fun

Best Coast

I hope none of you had to suffer the wrath of hideous April Fools jokes this weekend. And if you did, thankfully it’s over and now it’s Wednesday (Humpday) so you can look forward to a better weekend. Play this song while your at work (as we are doing today in The Luxury Spot office) and it instantly transforms you to summer-beach mode. And who are you kidding? Who doesn’t want to feel like their on the beach while in reality stuck in their office at work?

Best Coast’s admiration for California truly is impeccable. Their songs have an instantaneous connection to LA, the warmth, the sun, sand, and surf. Their new track of their unrealesed album Mexican Summer is entitled, “The Only Place,” essentially a lovelorn ballad to this band’s home state. The awesome and talented front girl Bethany Cosentino sings, “Why would you live anywhere else? This is the only place for me.” As New Yorkers who love our hometown its hard not to feel a little bitter to this West Coast song. But this song is just too good we are willing to let go of our East Coast rivalry, and just sit back, relax and imagine ourselves lying on a sunny beach with no worries and our troubles far away.

You can click here to listen to Best Coast’s early sounds of summer.




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