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My 3 Fave Gifts For Foodies

Kate & Naomi Eating
Written by emilyc

 Kate & Naomi Eating

Unless all your friends, relatives, and coworkers are Kate Moss, you can pretty much guarantee that they will enjoy some sort of food-related gift this holiday season. Food gifts are great for that person on your list who is hard to please, who you forgot, or who has everything – one can always use more food. Here are me top three picks for foodies:

1. An online gift card to your loved one’s favorite restaurant. is the cool new way to give restaurant gift cards. They partner with restaurants in major US cities to allow you to send instant online gifts. When you purchase a gift through Treatful, they notify the recipient of his or her gift on the date that you instruct them.  Then, they notify the local restaurant of your gift purchase, so that they can expect the recipient of your delish gift as a future customer.

2. Harry & David pears. These aren’t just any old grocery store pear. You haven’t eaten a pear until you’ve had one from Harry & David. Once the recipient of the pears tastes them, they’ll totally get it, and Harry & David pears will be the new wave in holiday gifts.

3. Make your own gift basket of highly coveted limited-edition holiday flavored treats. Don’t kid yourself – all peppermint everything around Christmastime is one of the highlights of your year. Why not share the love when giving gifts? Here are some of this year’s best holiday flavored things – peppermint or not: Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles, White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles, Sugar Cookie Pop Tarts, Sugar Plum Jones Soda, Red Velvet Chocolate Milk from Target Market Pantry, and Christmas Cookies Blue Bell Ice Cream. (Yes, these are all real – Google it)


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