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Written by Bryce

This past Friday night I had a particularly fabulous gay man approach me and say, “girl, if there’s one thing you’ve been doing really well lately, it’s keeping on top of shoegasms.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, I mean, I’m not typically one of those shoes-during-sex people, so, I asked him to explain. He noted that he always pays particular attention to my shoes since they’re usually extra fun, and noted that since I married my husband, his shoes have vastly improved as well. So, here’s a little rundown of what I’m loving lately.

1. DVF Slingbacks. Open toe is just fine by me with funky tights, this time of year. Seriously, you’re not going to bring me down with a little frost. Check these bad boys out with a snake skin heel, platform styling, and leather upper. Oh, and they’re on sale at Bloomingdale’s now, too.

1. Keeping Him Crispi. My husband rides his Vespa all over NYC most days, and even though it’s cold, I have no interest in him wearing schleppy shoes. Yes, “schleppy” is the official term for shoes that make me think of utility alone vs utility with a little style. These Crispi shoes keep his feet dry in all weather, toasty warm, and happen to look pretty hot with a pair of fitted jeans and a neatly tucked button down. Did I mention they’re great for outdoorsy, hiking types, too? TIP: GUYS WITH OUTDOORSY SHOES TYPICALLY HAVE BEARD SCRUFF (and everyone knows beard scruff is totally hot).

3. Little Boys Have Feet, Too. Forget about the clunky UGG boots of a few years past, the line has revamped to include sleeker, chicer models like this one (they still carry the old standby faves though for those of you with frost-bitten toes and nostalgia). My nearly 4 year old loves them, I love the way they look, and no matter how hard he plays they seem to stay in tact.

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