Nail Crave: Dip Dye Nails

Written by jessica.tannenbaum

The ombre hair style is transferring the trend to your nails.  Dip dye nail tips are such an easy way to add that “wow factor” to your manicure without too much effort and time.


I love contrasting colors with this look (like the ones above), but I also think it looks pretty with a nude polish base and a dark tip.

DIY Steps:

1. Paint your nails with a base color and let them dry

2. Apply a clear topcoat over the tip of a sponge makeup applicator, then dip the sponge into a different nail color

3. Dap the sponge from the tip of your nails about halfway to your cuticle, fading the color.

5. Using the tip color from the bottle, saturate the very tips of the nail to exaggerate the ombre.


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