Nanny vs Daycare: Actually, There’s a Middle Ground

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There’s a happy medium in the nanny vs daycare debate

Choosing the right childcare for your little ones as young as newborn babies can be a daunting task. Will they be cared for by someone who is qualified but also caring? Will they get enough social interaction if they’re home with private childcare? Most new parents don’t even know where to start with the process, which is why the idea of settling the nanny vs daycare debate might seem like it boils down to just dollars and cents.

“It’s not just about the money when you’re thinking about going nanny vs daycare,” shares Lauren Smith Body, author and founder of The Fifth Trimester. “I tell new parents all the time that the best childcare is the one they feel confident in. For some parents that’s a nanny, for others that’s daycare, but it’s about picking the right situation that works for your family.”

For many families, the right option is the middle ground most of us never knew existing — using a nanny sharing service like CozyKin, which offers the best of both worlds. Infants and toddlers get personalized in-home attention with the added benefits of peer socialization and a Montessori-inspired curriculum.

Nanny sharing may be best for your family if:

You prefer to keep a close eye on what Baby is up to

One of the most appealing aspects of having a dedicated nanny for your little one’s childcare is the idea of personalized care. Activities and interactions designed with intention, to specifically meet the needs of your child. Those details get lost in translation at even the best-run daycare centers.

Making friends is high on your priority list

If you’re prone to working long hours with little time to make mom friends or set up dedicated baby playdates, nanny sharing is probably the best way to settle your ongoing internal nanny vs daycare debate. Cozykin will match your family with a local, like-minded family to share a qualified, fully vetted and trained nanny with. That means your childcare experience comes with a free bonus: a friend for Baby, and a like-minded parent checking off many of the same boxes as you.  

Knowing your childcare provider’s qualifications is meaningful

The daycare you signed up for may boast several employees with early childhood learning degrees on their website, but who is really in the classroom on a day to day basis? Using a nanny share option like Cozykin ensures your care provider went through an extensive seven-point background check, is trained in a Montessori-inspired curriculum, and is confident on the job because they have a full team of support behind them.

Payroll? What’s that?

If the idea of outsourcing a legitimate payroll company to pay your nanny legally and fairly is overwhelming, get in line. Most new parents feel that way, and running a small business just to make sure your babysitter is paid on time is another thing you really don’t have energy for when keeping up with the breast pump is higher on your list. One of the many benefits of CozyKin nanny sharing is not having to worry about most of the typical employer hassles small companies face like background checks, payroll, and handling taxation.

Feeling good about your life decisions is priceless to you

If you’re constantly on the front lines of women’s equality and employment rights, the idea of employing an at-risk or undervalued woman to care for your child or children probably doesn’t sit well with you. Cozykin makes sure their nannies are full time w-2 employees with access to health care , vacation, and paid time off — and in a way you’d feel proud of. The future can start with the females in your home: you, you daughter, and the open-hearted caregiver you hire to keep all your moving parts in sync.

There’s never an uncovered sick day

Sometimes group childcare settings are unexpectedly closed, but you still have to work. If you’re not out of the office on Flag Day, but somehow daycare is closed, that’s a problem. Conversely, if your trusted and loving nanny is unable to make it to work because she’s got a serious fever or other health issue, that’s okay, but leaves you strapped for childcare when you’re supposed to be at work. Cozykin offers backups, much like a school substitute, so you don’t have to worry about the constant risk of missing work.

The idea of mile-long daycare wait lists makes you itchy

“Some moms I know have had to sign up for daycare the minute they pee on their first stick,” says Lauren Smith Brody. “Before they even get to really meet their baby they’ll have to predict the future and get on a mile-long wait list for the best daycare in their area. That’s crazy, and some have non-refundable deposits, too.”

While nanny sharing may not always be the best option for every family, it seems to be an emerging and positive trend in urban areas like New York and Boston. In the past the nanny vs daycare debate was only two sided, but is finally becoming a multidimensional decision.

“Nanny sharing isn’t right for every family, but when it is, it’s the best of both worlds by far. The combination of knowing your childcare provider, trusting the environment, and not having any of the mundane headaches like payroll make it really appealing for growing dual-income families.”

This post was sponsored by Cozykin, but the ideas and opinions expressed were genuine. For more information on Cozykin Montessori-style nanny sharing, please visit their website.

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