Navy Nail Polish is Everything for Summer

Written by Bryce

Don’t get it twisted, navy nail polish is the new black.

navy nail polish

It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s nautical, it’s classic– it’s all the vibes you’ve ever wanted in one single hue, and that’s exactly why the navy nail polish trend is set to be the biggest one of summer 2016 (and if you’re buying your own bottles, you can count on this stuff lasting you through a good portion of the fall, too). There are a ton of ways to wear it– from deep, dark, and matte to bright and sparkly like the night sky. Here are our favorite ways to rock the navy nail polish trend:

  1. Gel formula, but a little speedier. The new Uno by Gelish collection is a 1-step gel formula that only requires 45 seconds under the UV light, making it the speediest, least-time intensive hard gel out there. Also, the navy shade has a sort of soft, powdery hue that makes you want to jump into a boat and see where the summer takes you. ‘Very Blueberry,’ $11.49 here.

very blueberry

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2. The short, clean effect with a DIY gel style polish. If you haven’t tried Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel line, now’s the time, because it’s a shiny, gel-style formula that requires no additional coats, lamps, or hoopla– making it the easiest of the DIY gel options, and the easily to finagle for nail art and clean up reasons. We’re currently¬†loving the slightly lighter-than-navy ‘Tidal Wave’ shade that pairs especially well with any golden accents, jewels, or glitters you may feel inclined to use. Available here.

tidal wave

3. With a little shimmer. The whole internet is talking about Essie’s ‘Midnight Cami’ and for good reason– it’s a perfect, short-wear polish that offers the right balance betweens sophisticated daytime wear and a little sparkly shimmer in just the right light. Available here for $8.50.

essie midnight cami

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