You Need to Buy These $2 Fruit Facials Immediately

Written by Bryce

Looking for a cheap thrill? These fruit facials are $2 a pop at CVS.

It’s no secret I dig K-beauty, but I dig it even more when it’s cheap, because it gives me the emotional freedom to try it, love it, and feel okay with myself when I move onto a new product, ingredient, or routine. Which is exactly why I hold onto all my pricey, glam home face masks and use them with caution, but I’m using these $2 sheet masks by Frudia basically all.the.time.

The entire line is based around the concept that fruit is good for skin, and depending on which fruit-infused product of their you try, you experience a range of fruity enzymes, acids, and hydration elements. All that is well and good, but the point is, their sheet masks are literally $2 fruit facials when you do yourself a favor and wash your face first (please, wash your face!).

Frudia brightening mask

All you have to do is sit back, pop the mask on, do your best Netflixing for half an hour-ish, take the mask off and mush the residue in as moisturizer. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am — a spa-worthy fruit facial, all without leaving your home or even investing half as much as a grande latte.

My face when I realized the coupon code makes them $1.60 each

The masks are normally $1.99 a pop, but CVS (the only American retailer stocking them right now) currently has a 20% off whatever the heck you can get your hands on sale when you use promo code “CVS40” at checkout, rendering these fruit facial sheets about $1.60 a pop. You are welcome!

The brightening mask is available here, or you can check out the entire line here.

**update: a few readers told us they’ve had success with promo code “ONEDAY30” for an even steeper discount, and it applies to all purchases and products on**

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