NeuLash for New & Improved Lashes

Written by Alexis

While I recently wrote a how-to article on flirty lashes, I have discovered a product that deserves a post all its own: neuLash.


If long lashes are on your wish list, neuLash is your must-have. Formulated to protect against the breakage caused by our glamorizing (but harmful) lash lengtheners and thickeners, (those curlers, mascaras, and makeup removers may help us look lovely, but they have some serious consequences for our lashes,) neuLash extends the life of lashes for fuller, thicker, sexier eyes.

Featuring a slew of scientifically supported ingredients, neuLash conditions lashes with essential proteins, vitamins, and peptides, for lashes that are stronger, healthier, and able to grow to their fullest potential. While prescription products may boast of similar lengthening and thickening claims, they don’t contain the same essential conditioning ingredients (and require an annoying trip to the doctor). NeuLash, on the other hand, can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

Just draw the ophthalmologist-tested neuLash along your lash line before bed and start seeing results in as little as two weeks (with maximum results in 8 weeks)! Now that’s something to bat a lash at – or wink to – or do anything else that shows off those sexy lashes of yours!

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and for $150.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Alexis! Unfortunately most of us (myself guilty as well) do not think about the harmful effects of daily eyelash curling and applying / removing mascara. Repeated use does leave a mark. Great to see the innovation that allows to counteract these harmful effects. We believe that your beauty is largely based on what products you use on your face – we even wrote up this article

    Kudos for sharing! Can’t wait to try it out and recommend it to my readers.

  • I used NEU LASH before bed as per the instructions. I woke up with a huge RED SPOT in the white of my eye. I was very careful when I applied it. I do not believe this product is safe. I tried to go on NEU LASH website for help and found nothing. Not even a phone number to call for help. DO NOT USE NEU LASH!!! I HAVE A RED EYE TO PROVE IT.

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