New York Street Vendor Gets a Michelin Star

street meat michelin star
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Street vendor gets a Michelin star.

Finally, a street-meat vendor gets rewarded for excellent food!

Say what you will about living in New York, but if you are one of those snooty bitches that refuses to eat street meat, you are missing out. For those of you who live anywhere else, street meat is served from sidewalk cart vendors parked on almost every corner in the city. Not only is street meat delicious, but its also cheap, so its perfect for struggling transplants who only have 15 minutes for lunch.

Chan Hon Meng is a street vendor from Singapore, who is finally getting some recognition for serving delicious food. His cart is called ‘Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, and he has been working the streets for 35 years. At this point his cart is so popular that people wait in lines around the block before he even opens up for some Hong Kong soya sauce chicken and noodles. I am not the kind of person that eats greasy food for brekkies, but maybe Chan Hon Meng could change my mind.

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Chan Hon Meng has become so popular, he was invited to the Michelin Guide Singapore Gala Dinner, where he was celebrated and lauded amongst top chefs from all over the world, and awarded a Michelin Star.

Not too shabby, for a cart whose meals average out at around $1.50 a pop!

street meat michelin star

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