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Nipple Trivia You May Not Know

nipple facts
Written by Gary

These nipple facts will positively titillate you.

nipple facts

I am not much of a nipple guy. In fact, my nipples are pretty much numb. This vexes me, because they are kind of pretty, so guys are always drawn to them, but I get no pleasure whatsoever from some rando sucking on my tit like a 2-month-old newborn. Naturally, my numb nipples have resulted me in doing some research on the eyes of the chest, so here are five little-known nipple facts to bring up at your next party.

There are 4 different types of nipples. You can either have normal, flat, puffy, or inverted nipples. Did you just look down at your chest and wonder which one you are? Personally I think they should add ‘pancake’ and ‘mosquito bite’ to this list, but lets not split hairs.

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Almost everyone has hairy nipples. Both men and women (unless they are Asian) are likely to have hair around their haireolas, even if it is tiny and fine.

If your nipples change, you may have breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is a really aggressive kind of cancer, and causes rapidly changing skin including the nipsies. If your nipples change quickly in any way, get thee to a dermie with a quickness.

Nipples can change color. Much like a mood ring, nipples can change color, mostly because of pregnancy or birth control. Basically if your nipples are actually a mood ring, then your hormone levels are your moods. That rings true in several instances, no?

Your nipples can have orgasms. When nipples are stimulated, the brain releases oxytocin, which can cause your vagina to contract and create an orgasm, as well as extreme jealousy from people like me with dead, lifeless nipples.

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