Not So Sexy in the City

Written by Lana

Sex and the City 2; Too Long to Bare

Fashion, Love, Sex, New York City, Relationships, Occupations, and Friendship is what Sex and the City has always stood for. But the new movie has lost touch in some of those areas. I can’t say a lot because I want you to see for yourself, but there is not a lot of NYC and there is not a lot of sex.  But there is a lot of Fashion. I think the fashion role was entirely too overpowered. Of course we all love fashion and there are some amazing outfits that the cast members wear, but the movie and story line tried too hard to win the audience over with all of the glitz and glamour. The true meaning of the entire story from the first episode was lost in this movie. Not to mention that it was second in the box office after Shrek. Isn’t this the third of fourth Shrek? Come on Sex and the City, this movie was so highly anticipated, why you would let us down! It was entirely too long and I wanted more love, more reality in the scenes, and more fun. To me, t was a disappointment. Beg to differ?


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a free-spirited and sociable young lady, Czech-born and London-raised. Now living in New York, she dishes on her dates with the fabulous and flawed men of the city as The Luxury Spot’s sex and relationships columnist. Lana is certainly not lacking in opportunities for adventure, being a desirable girl. The stories you’ll hear are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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