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Five People Who Love Chipotle Too Much

It’s a Chipotle world out there, and we are all just living in it.

obsessed with chipotle

A burrito baby

Some people are strangely obsessed with Chipotle. While I admit that I love a good pork burrito as much as the next homo, I will also never eat it unless I am within a five-mile radius of a bathroom. Chipotle is my favorite hangover food, and there are few other chain restaurants out there where that can guarantee I won’t be hungry again in two hours. That being said, I am not as Chipotle-crazy as some people.

From burrito babies to Chipotle birthday cakes, some people take their love of Chipotle too far. Today we celebrate those people, who brave diarrhea every day for the sake of the perfect guacamole.

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obsessed with chipotle 

Shameless Chipotle parenting

obsessed with chipotle
The mother-trucking president

obsessed with chipotle 

Whoever ate this Chipotle birthday cake

 obsessed with chipotle

The owner of this Chipotle burrito tat

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