My Off the Shoulder Denim Maxi Dress is now Mega Discounted

Written by Bryce

For everyone who asked, the off the shoulder denim maxi dress I wore on NBC this week is steeply discounted.

I got a ton of tweets, Instagram story messages and Facebook comments asking where I got the off the shoulder denim maxi dress I wore to my last NBC New York segment (which was about the best pedicure hacks, if you’re wondering). I was excited to say Shopbop, because they’re basically my go-to for cute pieces and super fast shipping, but more excited to say the dress was under $100 and gave me all the best Britney and Justin of yesteryear vibes.

WELL HELLO, GOOD NEWS, I just searched the dress again to send the link to a friend and it’s currently on sale for 50% off and is now $42.50 plus free shipping. 

Style Mafia Aili dress

This is the Style Mafia Aili dress, and I’m pleased to report it’s super comfy, machine washable, and is perfect for spring through summer and the shoulders easily convert from covered to bare. Boom. Anyway, I assume it’ll sell out quickly now that it’s so cheap, so hustle and we can be twinsies all season long.

The dress is currently available here for $42.50 and my shoes aren’t on the site anymore, but these are pretty similar.

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