Overachievers Need Not Apply

Don’t you just hate showoffs? Like, we know you know the answers to 1 – 350 from the homework assignment but no need to make us all look bad. If this is you, get out of here.

 I want to make something very clear: I am not writing this post to make you feel completely shitty about your current household situation but to make THEM feel guilty about their show-offy and overachieving ways. This post is for the underachievers, the ones that would much rather sleep than read, that prefer an all black look over having to think about possible color combinations to that amazing red shirt, to the people that consider changing their bedsheets a home renovation and to anyone else with a life.

Before 1

(Before)  This already looks good to me, all we need here is a new paint job.

After 2

(After) So you added pillars to the living room and somehow it looks bigger. Fine, consider me impressed.

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Deisy is a 21-year-old Instagram and Tumblr-obsessed girl who would do pretty much anything (legal) for an Instagram like or a Tumblr follow. Deisy curses the inventor of bras every day and won't leave her house until she has changed her outfit at least 5 times. She would describe her style as Leandra Medine meets Olivia Palermo dipped in black paint and not as cool.

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